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Welcome to the Blue Ruin Wiki

Blue Ruin is a horror and suspense based role play set in modern times, where you take on the role of a human, or one of the other strange creatures inhabiting the great city of London.

We're a Literate-Advanced site with no Word Count, focusing on character development and plot advancement without the need to put up restrictions or apply pressure on our members. You post however long or short you wish, as we firmly believe in quality over quantity.

So Why the Wiki?

Excellent question. This here is to provide the knowledge that you'll need to really get into the roleplay of the forum - the lore-heavy database for everything you could hope to know, as well as guides and pointers on how to apply it to your characters and ensure you get the most out of what we're doing together.

Quick Links:




Political Entities (will be linked as they are established!)

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